The call for proposals for the CUE Learning Revolution Online Summit Featuring Google for Education is now open! Google Certified Teachers, Google Education Trainers,  Google Educators and Googlers themselves (employees of Google) are invited to apply to present as lead presenters at the inaugural virtual summit focused on Google’s education initiatives. Other educators must present with a member of one of the aforementioned Google affiliated groups.

To apply, please fill out this form by September 1, 2014. If your session or sessions is accepted, you will be notified on a rolling basis starting on August 15. It is to your advantage to apply early as submissions are reviewed and accepted on a first come, first served basis. Applying early will also ensure that you can reserve your ideal time slot within our self-scheduling system. If you are accepted, lead presenters will receive a free summit registration (exclusive of CUE membership).

IMPORTANT: Presenters must be representing schools, universities or other non-profit organizations. Presentations should be non-commercial in nature. Consultants are welcome, but all presenters should not promote other for profit ventures and corporate events as part of their presentations. Only solutions related to Google for Education (i.e. Google, YouTube, Android, Chromebooks and Google Apps in Education) are to be featured during sessions. At this time, we are not inviting commercial participation, but may open up this possibility with future virtual summits.

Conference Strands
  • Search Literacy
Presentations in this category will focus on techniques, strategies, and lessons related to supporting teachers and students in their understanding of search.
  • Leveraging Devices and Apps
This strand will focus on topics related to using Chrome, Chromebooks and Android devices. Google Apps for Education sessions will also be included in this strand.
  • Digital Citizenship
Sessions related to promoting the safe and effective use of technology in general are part of this strand. Topics can include acceptable use policies, digital citizenship curriculum, internet filtering etc. and ideally will include Google’s resources for supporting smart and safe use of technology.
  • IT/GAFE Management
Geared towards IT administrators and CIOs, this summit strand addresses technical and implementation topics related to GAFE and other Google products.
  • STEM and Computer Science
Google has been a strong supporter of STEM initiatives in K12 and higher education. Sessions listed under this strand will highlight these programs and also give presenters the opportunity to showcase any of their own related projects and lessons.
  • Gone Google Stories
Presentations that tell the story of schools, districts and universities that have adopted Google Apps and/or who have gone 1:1 with Chromebooks or Android tablets will be featured in this strand.
  • Innovation in Leadership
Google is known for is innovative culture and practices. What are the lessons to be learned for administrators on developing a culture of innovation? Presentations that highlight innovative initiatives within schools and other institutions will be housed in this strand.
  • Getting Googley: Projects and Initiatives from Google
There is a great deal more to Google in Education than just Google Apps. In this conference strand, you’ll find sessions that highlight other Google projects and initiatives and address their potential applications in classrooms.
  • Project-Based Learning Using Google
Teachers utilizing Google Apps to develop global connections and produce collaborative projects with students will showcase their work in this strand.
  • Professional Learning
This strand will focus on strategies and programs designed to support teachers in their use of Google products.

CUE Learning Revolution Online Summit Featuring Google for Education